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When floating in winter, the Vape's main enemy is minus temperatures. Let's look at how it affects the e-cigarette and give some tips on how you can float if you have to do it outside.

When steaming in winter the main enemy of the Veip is minus temperature. Let's look at how it affects the e-cigarette Vape and give some tips on how to float if you have to do it outside.

Keyy Concentrates Vape Batteries 

As you know, batteries rapidly lose their capacity in the cold. This applies to all technology, and electronic cigarettes are no exception. This means that the batteries will sit down much faster, and they won't be able to produce high current when floating at high power.

The advice here is simple - keep the device and spare batteries warm, for example, in the inner pocket of your jacket. You don't have to take it out of there and let it cool for too long.


Keyy concentrates for Vape

Keyy concentrates with a high content of glycerol are thick in themselves, and become even thicker in frost. This becomes a serious problem when steaming on a tank (RTA). The liquid does not absorb well into the wick, which makes it very easy to get a "garik".

Another problem is leaks. When you get into heat from the street, the liquid heats up and probably leaks out of the tank because it becomes more fluid again.

To avoid these problems, you should use liquids with a glycerin content of no more than 50%, replacing it with propylene glycol. It remains fluid at lower temperatures than glycerine.

A good solution would be to use an outdoor dribble (RDA) instead of a tank. There will be no problem with leaks or glycerin liquid in the drip, as it can be pumped directly onto the spiral to ensure that the wick is well impregnated. The only advice is that before a good tightening, make a few short strokes to warm up the liquid inside the slurry a little.


If you have a weak immunity or frequent sore throat of keyy concentrates, it's best not to soar outside in winter. Breathing in cold air together with hot steam can lead to colds or other respiratory problems.

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