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What are Legal Buds and Herbal Smokes?

We have traveled the world and spent insurmountable amounts of time and money in researching and developing all of our herbal products. We have gathered the world's best, highest quality and strongest legal herbal smokes. Our legal buds are composed of the most exotic herbs and botanicals traditioanlly used by various cultures around the globe. Whether an herbal bud, like hawaiian gold buds, or an exotic herbal smoking blend, like DreamSmoke, our herbal products are second to none, and used worldwide by thousands of happy repeat customers. All of our products are 100% natural and do not contain any illegal substances or tobacco. Most of our herbs have traditional usage among tribes and primitive civilizations dating back thousands of years.

Below, we have listed some of the exotic beneficial smoking herbs used in some of our products.  We have also included a link to each product which includes the herb you are reading about, for our customers benefit and knowledge. We have a huge variety of legal herbal smoking products so that you can find your own personal favorite, and listed our top sellers in order of repeat customer satisfaction / re-purchase rate. To check out our top selling buds, click here

ALL of our products are composed of 100% natural herbs and botanicals.

Our Smoking herbs are 100% LEGAL and shall mean all substances of plant origin and their derivatives, including but not limited to broom, calea, California poppy, damiana, hops, ginseng, lobelia and other members of the Datura genus, passion flower and wild lettuce, which are processed or sold primarily for use as smoking materials.Our products are Intended to be used to augment the diet to promote well-being.

Artemesia Vulgaris also known as: 'Mugwort' is a mild relaxant. It is useful for nervous tension.
Damiana has been used for thousands of years in Latin American cultures ritualistically as a

sexual stimulant. It is one of the most commonly used aphrodesiacs in the world. Damiana effects the nervous system, soothing
anxiety, nervousness and mild depression, promoting the general feeling of well-being. A great herb, without a doubt, and a great smoke too. You can find damiana in our Dreamsmoke Blend.
Kava Kava has been tested against traditional benzodiazepines for use in controlling anxiety.

Kava Kava is the herb of choice to relax the body, relieve stress, anxiety, headache and back

pain. Kava has been used for three thousand years by the people of the South Pacific for

ceremonial, social and medicinal purposes.

Today, Kava can help reduce normal anxiety without impairing mental function. The kava root contains compounds called kavalactones, which have been revered for their unique ability to help promote relaxation. The benefits of kava appear to be many. It has long been used by Pacific islanders to help reduce pain. It works on the central nervous system and promotes relaxation to those suffering anxiety or depression. Kava may also help promote more restful sleep to those struggling with insomnia or restlessness, and it helps relax sore, tired muscles.

You can find kava kava in our Dreamsmoke Blend. You can also find kava kava in our honey blonde solid Honey Blonde Solid Concentrate,
Wild Lettuce - Lactuca Virosa commonly referred to as wild lettuce
. Traditionally used as a mild sedative or hypnotic for insomnia and relaxation, it is also used for coughing, nervousness and pain relief associated with women's ailments. It is one of the ingredients found in some of our herbal smoking blends.

Lavendar is used to relieve anxiety, tension and stress. You can find lavender in many of our products.
Mexican Damiana is used to regulate the female cycles. It is also used to stimulate the sexual
appetite. It is commonly used for urinary problems and nervousness.

Passion Vine is used to treat nervous and restlessness. In short, the effects of passion vine are

believed to be primarily on the nervous system. Its effects are particularly touted for those with

anxiety due to mental worry and overwork.
Poppy Flower is used for pain, insomnia, nervousness, and chronic coughs.
Sage is beneficial to the mind by easing mental exhaustion and by strengthening the concentrating

Scotch Broom tops are a traditional smoking herb.
Skullcap (also spelled Scullcap) a sattvic herb, promotes awareness and clarity.
Helps clear fiery emotions like anger and jealousy. Calms the mind and heart to prepare the way for meditation. . Prepares the mind and nerves for the flows of energy we experience with insight and healing. You can find Skullcap in our Dreamsmoke, Merlin's Blend and Spirit Walk  products.
Star of Bethlehem is traditionally used to calm nervousness. You can find star of bethlehem in many of our products.
Tagetes has been traditionally used to sooth the digestive and respiratory tracts.
Herbs for Flavor and Soothing Effects: Peppermint & Mentha
are added to many smokes to improve the taste and aroma.

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Notice: Herbal-Smoking.com does not provide any information other than that these products are dietary supplements. All descriptions of products have been written by customers who are protected by freedom of speech and the information act. The descriptions only are taken from repeat customers who have very valuable opinions.  Herbal-Smoking.com does not make any claims that what customers say is true. This must be stated due to 'new' FDA laws, etc.

Notice: By entering this site and/or purchasing, you are agreeing to the following: - You are 18 or older. - tobacco pipes are legal in your state or country. - You understand   these pipes are intended for tobacco and other legal herbal smoking blends.

free herbal bud Not sold as legal marijuana alterantives by fda law.


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All of our products are intended for legal use only. Not sold to minors.
No products on this website are labeled legal marijuana alternatives, legal highs, herbal highs, herbal hash or marijuana alternative smokes by fda law.

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FDA WARNING! None of our herbs are intended to be a substitute for any medicine or drug, legal or otherwise. Herbal-Smoking.com provides information only about traditional uses of these herbs. If these products are ingested or consumed as a tea, they are herbal food products and/or dietary substances. If you choose to smoke these herbs, please be advised that you do so at your own risk; any form of smoke inhalation, even natural herbs, may be harmful. These are 100% Legal Bud, Herbal Smoke and Legal Herbal Buds. All descriptions of the traditional uses of these herbs have been taken from information available to the public on the Internet and may not be substantiated by scientific evidence. All comments by customers are about their own personal experiences and may not be typical. Such descriptions are taken from repeat customers only, who have expressed their own voluntary opinions, which we value significantly. Herbal-Smoking.com does not make any claims that what customers say is true, only that we are reporting what they tell us about their own experiences. These are 100% Legal Bud, Herbal Smoke and Legal Herbal Buds. None of these herbs is intended to be a substitute for any medicine or drug, legal or otherwise. Herbal-Smoking.com Copyright 2000-2006 The Herbal Shop (The Herbal Shop, inc). Content is the intellectual property of The Herbal Shop. Any copying, republication or redistribution of site content, including by caching, framing or similar means, is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of The Herbal Shop. Herbal-SmokingP the Herbal-Smoking Logo and Herbal-Smoking PRODUCTS are trademarks of The Herbal Shop Notice: Herbal-Smoking.com makes no claims with regard to the products offered here. Some of the products are dietary supplements. All descriptions of the traditional uses of these herbs have been taken from information available to the public on the Internet and may not be substantiated by scientific evidence. All testimonials were voluntarily submitted by customers exercising their freedom of speech. These are 100% Legal Bud, Herbal Smoke and Legal Herbal Buds. The descriptions only are taken from repeat customers who describe their own experiences and opinions. Herbal-Smoking.com does not make any claims that what customers say is true. Their results may not be typical. Remember, we are the original Herbal-Smoking.com, our products are not illegal street drugs nor are they intended to be alternatives to illegal street drugs. They are not intended to "mimic" any of the above and are enjoyed for their OWN amazing properties and still remain 100% legal. Due to FDA law we make no claims in regards to the physiological or psycholigical effetcs of these products on the human body. These are 100% Legal Bud, Herbal Smoke and Legal Herbal Buds. They are not sold as marijuana alternatives, legal highs, legal marijuana, legal marijuana alternative or herbal highs, and not labeled as such for that reason. Notice: the products on this site do not contain Marijuana. They are 100% legal buds. None of these products are promoted to mitigate, treat, prevent or cure any disease. None of our products will alter the structure or function of the human body. We do not carry ANY products that contain ephedra. None of these statements made on this site about smoking products or dietary supplements have been evaluated by the FDA. While our products only contain natural ingredients, do not contain tobacco or nicotine, herbal smokes and herbal cigarettes may be hazardous to your health. They produce tar and carbon monoxide when smoked. These are 100% Legal Bud, Herbal Smoke and Legal Herbal Buds. By purchasing from us you have agreed to, and have read our Herbal-Smoking.com legal disclaimer. All Rights Reserved. NONE OF OUR PRODUCTS CONTAIN TOBACCO. None of our products contain tobacco or are sold as marijuana alternatives, a legal marijuana alternative, a legal alternative to marijuana, marijuana subsititutes, legal marijuana, legal highs, herbal highs, herbal ecstacy, herbal ecstasy or herbal xtc. When these herbs are smoked or burned, they will produce a strong and potent, extremely aromatic smoke. Our herbal products include some of the strongest, most aromatic and effectively pleasurable smoking materials found anywhere in the world. *Where noted, certain herbs may require caution while operating heavy machinery, or driving when ingested.


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